School transportation system is an obvious facility for urban area schools, colleges or any other educational institutions. Those people who live in the urban area don’t worry about the money. All they need is just safety of their children. Every parent loves their children most. Every parent can give their everything to their lovely children. Becuase they love them so much.

BIDYAAN team think that School transportation system should be more flexible and safe. Parents have right to know that where is their children now. BIDYAAN respect the feelings. Every parent concern about children. In BIDYAN there is transportation management system. In urban area mainly use the school bus transportation system. BIDYAAN give you the facility that you can set up a GPRS device on the school bus. The device should be enabled otherwise it won’t work. The GPRS device continuously sends the location update to the system. Parent has a panel in the School Management System. They just need to enter the panel and click on the location tracking option.

The system will show the real-time update of the bus. It is really a cool feature of BIDYAAN. It gives full facility to track the location of the school bus. The parent can understand that where is their children school bus right now. So, parents are tension free now. Nothing to worry about his or her children where is right now. For this feature, many clients appreciate BIDYAAN. This creates a huge impact their daily life. Now they can do their work without any tension.

BIDYAAN will give you a FREE School Website.

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