Education Management System in Bangladesh

Education Management System in Bangladesh is now not a matter of worry. Have you heard about “BIDYAAN“? If now then you should be. BIDYAAN is now the trending Education Management System in Bangladesh. BIDYAAN becomes top among Schools because of its features. It has some incredible key modules which make BIDYAAN special.

Educational Institutions are now want to move on Digital System. The limitation is the price of Education Management System in Bangladesh. Most of the Software Company in Bangladesh are selling their product at different prices. If I say about BIDYAAN then it is like at no price based on their prices.  In Bangladesh perspective, it’s charge yearly. The yearly based on Students amounts. There are some several packages. Any schools can choose their desired package based on the student amount.

In this software, industry price is the most important thing because you need to find the scope that which people will use this software. If the price high then few schools can use this Education Management System in Bangladesh because most of the school are not so wealthy. Bidyaan wants to spread their service to all over the schools so that all schools can use their software. That’s why BIDYAAN decided to decrease the cost of packages to spread their service. That’s why BIDYAAN is the cheapest and best Education Management System in Bangladesh. For Schools, it just School Management System in Bangladesh and for colleges, BIDYAAN is best College Management System in Bangladesh.

৳ 15000 / year
500 Students
৳ 30000 / year
1000 Students
1 Android App
৳ 60000 / year
2000 Students
1 Android App & 1 iOS App

Don’t worry if you have more then 2,000 students. We receive the custom order those who have more than 2,000 students. There are some surprising free offers are available based on different packages.

If you have any question check our Contact Us page. You can also call us. Numbers are given on this website. Hope you will get the best Education Management System.

Education Management System in Bangladesh

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