Education Management System in Bangladesh

Education Management System is the essential portion of the education system. Do you know which is the best Education Management System? I am giving you the best one which is “BIDYAAN”. In Bangladesh, it is not so popular for the pricing and some other kinds of stuff. Some educational institutions like Schools, Colleges, Madrasha are now using Education Management System. They want to take the modern technology facility.

Nowadays Education Management System is so much cost effective. It reduces manpower and costs. There are some key modules in “BIDYAAN”. Check the key modules listed below:

Administrator: In “BIDYAAN” there is an Administrator Panel. Where an Administrator can control almost everything. The administrator has full access to the system.

HRM: In an Educational Institution there are so many employees. Someone needs to manage the employees. It’s too much hard to manage them manually. Based on this problem “BIDYAAN” include HRM module on their educational management system. They Schools, Colleges or any other educational institutions can manage their employees easily.

Exam Control: Exam is the most important part of any educational institution. Every year students seated for their exams. So, if the exam can control by a software then it will much easier. So, “BIDYAAN” bring exam control system.

Teacher: Teachers has a separate panel. Where teachers can log in to their accounts. They can input marks, can take attendance, can take an assignment, and much more. Now, they don’t need put the marks on a spreadsheet of somewhere else. They directly input the marks to their panel. It reduces their work.

Student: Students can check their marks. They can place their assignment to the teacher. They can get their results from BIDYAAN.

Parent: Parents has a different panel. Parents can check their child’s attendance, report card and result. They can also check where the authorized vehicle is. They can also pay the tuition fee online form their panel.

Librarian: Librarian can manage the books in the library. It’s completely automation system. Librarian can track the book status that which student take the book. Did the students returned the book or not. If the students return the book late then it will calculate fine.

Transport: Transport management system is a smart management system. Parents, Teachers can track the vehicle the school or college bus which their phone.

Education Management System in Bangladesh

There are so many smart modules. Just bring “BIDYAAN” to your Education Managment System. This whole project developed by DevsZone.