School Management System in Bangladesh Which is Best

School Management System in Bangladesh nowadays is the most popular searching keyword in Google in Software Category. Do you know which is the best School Management System in Bangladesh? I know that you know many names which are the international software. You don’t know that our ICT section is increasing so much. Our country has so many world-class School Management System. BIDYAAN” – is one of the best School Management System in Bangladesh. Let’s take a look at the special key modules on “BIDYAAN“.

Attendance Management System in BIDYAAN: BIDYAAN has a smart attendance management system. There is a module for Attendance Device. So, if any student press on the figure section or show the ID card the system will automatically take the attendance. So, it can reduce teacher workload. School Management take track students that they are in School or not.

Online Payment System in BIDYAAN: In BIDYAAN parents can pay their child’s tuition fee through the School Management System.  They can use Master Card, Visa Card also they can use the mobile banking to pay their child’s tuition fees. That makes BIDYAAN a smart Online Payment System.

Library Management System in BIDYAAN: Managing Library is so much harder part of a School. Many students borrow books from the library, so School must need to track the book records that which boy took which book. If library can’t take the book record then if the student never returns the book then school can’t understand where the book is gone. With BIDYAAN they can also manage late fee if any students didn’t return the book at the right time.

Transport Management System in BIDYAAN: Parents got worried if their children don’t return to home at the right time. So, BIDYAAN develops their Transport Management System with real-time location tracking. Parents can track the School vehicle from their Smart Phone that where the vehicle is right now.

School Management System in Bangladesh Which is Best

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