Attendance Management System in BIDYAAN

Online Admission Management System in Bangladesh is quite rare. Most of the schools and colleges don’t have Online Admission Management System. Bangladesh is a developing country, not a developed country. Most of the developed countries have become so much digital oriented but in developing countries are trying to become technology dependent and the good news is they are heading on this way. Peoples are moving on to the automation system.

Let me introduce BIDYAAN, the latest Education Management System in Bangladesh. BIDYAAN is creating a way that School and Colleges can manage their official tasks easily. There are so many modules that make BIDYAAN the best selling Education Management System in Bangladesh. Let me introduce some key features of BIDYAAN. Check the list below:

* Website Management
* Online Admission Application System
* Smart Assignment Management System
* Exam Control
* Certificate
* Academic Transcript
* Testimonial
* Accounts & Online Fees Payment
* Smart Administration
* Device Integrated Attendance System with SMS Notification
* Library Management
* Transport Management & Tracking System
* Internal messaging and greetings SMS system

Those are the key things of BIDYAAN. Now, let me tell you something about Attendance Management System in BIDYAAN.

Attendance Management System is crucial for any Education Institution. Most of times authority failed to get that which students are absent last class or this month even this year. With attendance management system schools or colleges can get the list of which students are absent or present. it will also help the authority to let their parents. Sometimes parents want to see that how many days their child attend school or college. Without attendance management, it is quite impossible to get that how many students are attending or absent.

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Online Admission Management System in BIDYAAN