Attendance Management System in BIDYAAN

Attendance Management System is the very important module for any Education Management System in Bangladesh. An Education Management System is a place where all the educational institutional works can manage easily. There are so many tedious works which need to work again and again. Those works are the time killing the machine. At that time, they can do more other works. Every day teacher needs to take attendance. Attendance is so much important to take the track record of students. Sometimes parents ask that to show how many days their children attend o their class. It will be worst if the Educational Institute doesn’t take any track record. The Institute can’t show them the history. So, it’s a big disadvantage that they can not show them.

Nowadays, parents are much more anxious about their children. Parents are so much concern for their children. Not every student is same. Students are used to taking off their eyes form class. Some students are want to spend time outside of school. So, tracking attendance will reduce it.

BIDYAAN is a smart Education Management System in Bangladesh. As it is an education management system the schools can use it as School Management System in Bangladesh also colleges can use this as smart Education Management System in Bangladesh.

As a Bangladesh resident, I really feel proud that BIDYAAN is the leading School Management System in Bangladesh. You can search on Google that how we are. I think most of the people of Bangladesh should proud themselves. BIDYAAN is very popular for its key features.

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Attendance Management System in BIDYAAN